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EU projekt KK.



The aim of the project is to upgrade the existing production hall and to adapt the existing hall for new technology (raising the roof to two places due to extruding) and purchasing the following machines; extruder, waste plastic mixer line, central material delivery system, central cooling system for extruded water and squeezing machines, two mills for hard waste milling and welding machines for bags.

The purpose of the project is to increase production capacity and to increase competitiveness because the current production capacity of the craft is smaller than the existing customer demand, so it is necessary to complete the production infrastructure with new machines. Customers are looking for products that the craft can not produce with the existing production infrastructure, so besides increasing the production capacity, the purpose of purchasing machines and extending the range of products to: laminating foils, thermosetting holes, stretch hood films, self-adhesive bags, banana bags without handle reinforcements, bags for socks and bags with a pocket at the bottom.

The implementation is planned for October 2016. In January 2017, the start of the extension of the production hall, which will take 6 months, is planned. Parallel with the beginning of the upgrading, the purchase of machinery begins. Overall, the project implementation will last 15 months.

The total value of the investment amounts to HRK 12,439,734.85.

The implementation of the proposed project contributes to the improvement of the technological readiness of the craft, enabling its further development and meeting the ever increasing demands of the market for increased product volumes and the development of new products. Project implementation will enable job preservation, in accordance with the purpose of the Call for Proposals. Creating conditions for further growth of trades enables development and expansion of business, increasing demand for our products. After the completion of the project in 2017, total revenue is expected to increase by at least 13% compared to 2014, and future material and operational costs related to this project (maintenance of equipment) can also be covered by current business. This project will provide less inputs to production and thereby reduce the cost of product cost, and we expect the aforementioned savings to increase revenue sufficiently to enable financial sustainability of the project.

New machines allow diversification of production to products that the company has not previously produced. For the production of the products so far, this project enables productivity growth, (cost reduction per unit of product), and thus reduced cost of ownership. It is expected that potential customers would be interested precisely for our products because they are of a high quality and affordable price.

The sector in which the project will be carried out is "Production of Plates, Sheets, Tubes and Plastic Profiles" (NKD Classification 22.21).

The aim of the project is to strengthen the craftsmanship of our company for competition in domestic and international markets through the expansion of new production facility and installation of new technology. Expected results:

1. Built 562.4 m2 production hall, overhauled part of the production hall of 166.9 m2, 85.9 m2 storage space, 869.3 m2 canopy;

2. Purchased and installed equipment - 7 machines;

3. Increased level of knowledge of workers.

The project allows for diversification of production and opens up export opportunities.

Total project value: 15.598.673,88 kn

Project duration: 15 months.

The material content is exclusive responsibility of company Prerade plastike Šantek.

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